How to use our services

IMEDIATA's interpreters have already been trained and experienced including explanation of anesthesia and operations and translation at an emergency room and emergency medical care center in RGMC as medical interpreters and foreign supporters.
At RGMC, you can receive free medical interpreter services

At Rinku General Medical Center ( Free interpreter service)

Our trained interpreters will accompany you on your visit to interpret from reception through to the examination room, pharmacy and cashier counter.
For the days and time interpreters will be available, please refer to the website of Rinku General Medical Center.

At patients' designated hospitals (charged)

We hear about your condition and past medical history and interpret them to the doctor. And then we interpret accurately to you what the doctor said. We interpret from medical history to examinations, medical tests, and medication instructions. For now, we can offer English interpretation service only. Please ask us about other language services, such as Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

  1. Please request our interpreter service to IMEDIATA via e-mails.
    Email address:
  2. After receiving your request, we assign an available IMEDIATA interpreter and contact you.
  3. On the day, the interpreter will come to your designated hospital and provide interpreter services.
  4. Please pay the interpreter service fee to the interpreter directly.

Information in other languages

We have other languages sites for foreign patients. Please refer to our web sites in Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.